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Please note that to see the Astrolabe or other Java Applets you will need any version of Internet Explorer and Java up to version 8

Welcome to my home page

Hello, there! How are you today? I do hope you are well.

Welcome to my Web site!

Some of my pages tell you a little about me and my passtime of writing trivial computer applications, including some Java applets and Java applications.

I'm particularly proud of my automated astrolabe. This is a Java applet.

A medieval astrolabe was made of two brass plates, one revolving over the other. It allowed users to solve many astronomical problems.

My automated astrolabe rotates according to the current time and date and many adjustments are easily made with the buttons provided.

Another page shows town views of the stars showing the sky view above 8 points around the horizon in steps.

There are pages illustrating dynamically how in the middle ages people found where Mars, Mercury and the Moon were located along the ecliptic.

I also created a page explaining how I photographed a transit of the planet Venus across the face of the Sun on 8th June 2004.

Another page gives details of a a pocket sundial.

You can email me at (Sorry, you can't click on this.)